NHS Best Of Bridge Instructions
Monthly NHS Charity BBO Pairs
Wednesday 7th April 2021 8pm

In order for the event runs smoothly, please take note of this email and you will enjoy and I will be able to relax !!
Most of you will have sent me your details in this format:- Yourbboname,Yourfirstname,Yoursurname,Yourebunumber,
NOTE: Include ALL The Commas but NO SPACES Except If There Are Any In Your BBO Name

Donations, Minimum £3, NO Maximum, Each Month, By BACS Only,

To Dr L. Gaunt Sort Code: 110094 A/C No: 00436931
Reference: NHS Yourbboname

This Makes It Easier For Me To Keep Track of Donations
If You Send ONE Donation to Cover You and Your Partner or
One Donation to Cover Several Months
Please Send Me an Email to Explain !!

On Wednesday, Login to BBO as you normally do no earlier than 6pm
Next Click on Competitive, followed by All tournaments and then Search in Pending For

NHS Best of Bridge. I am the TD and my name is Chayim.

This translates to ‘LIFE’ in case you didn’t know!
Invite your partner to register to play. (You can only do this when your partner is also logged in.)
Phone me on 07973 866956 with any problems
All players will receive full statement within a couple of days, together with a copy of the results
www.bridge2000.co.uk LMGAUNT@hotmail.com Telephone Numbers 01923 670500 Mobile 07973 866956